Photo retouching and censorship.

Censorship of images for the market, as photo retouching helps in this.

    It is true that some people are against nudity, but there is no law on how much nudity can be present at any given time. For example, we cannot judge the art of an artist who covers his entire body with paint because there is too much nudity on him. It’s just his opinion that he can live with or without. Despite the fact that people have different views on nudity, they do not adopt laws about it. On the other hand, when you come across a product where nudity is very noticeable and quite noticeable, then you will agree that such products do not correspond to the taste of the people of this region. This type of censorship has been adopted by several governments over the past few decades.
     How can we make sure that our work is accessible to many people? In addition, how can we get away with censorship imposed on the media to ensure that our rights are respected and all information is made public?

fashionable girl in sunglasses, fashion magazine retouch, fined retoucher USA, fashion retouching, photo editor for fashion
fashionable girl in sunglasses, fashion magazine retouch, fined retoucher USA, fashion retouching, photo editor for fashion

    To avoid censorship, it is important to find out who the censors are, to know their limits and methods, and to follow their rules. There are three main points that we should consider when publishing our content on the Internet;

1. Method of publication,

2. Media environment,

3. Country.

   For example, Saudi Arabia prohibits any kind of nudity in advertising. The same applies to Iran and Syria. If there are products such as tobacco, alcohol or drug advertising, then they will allow such advertising only on state media channels.

catalog of women's clothing, retouch catalog, fashion Girl in glasses, retoucher
fashion retouching, glamour retouching photo

    Photo Editing – Photos are often used in marketing and branding because they can convey a number of different messages. The main reason we edit photos is to make them look better. We will also introduce changes that may improve our ability to sell them. There are several types of photo editing: retouching and cropping.

    In this case, retouching means changing the image using various tools such as Photoshop or Gimp. This type of modification includes changing the color, adding shadows or removing wrinkles from clothes, etc. All these processes will make your product more attractive and help attract customers.

     Professional retouching of images is our business.

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  1. Even Instagram bans photos of people in underwear and bikini. I wish we had more freedom to express ourselves.

    • Our team also thinks that the censorship of nudity is grossly exaggerated!
      If we turn to the classical painting of the XVIII-XIX century, we can see how much attention the artists paid to the nude body and portrayed it very realistically.
      I want to note that our team is engaged in retouching, including nudity of any gender, as long as you are over 18 years old.

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