Exclusive RAW files for retouching

Retouching practice files

Where can a retoucher get unique RAW files for their portfolio?
The answer is very simple…
You can always find a photographer who sells his raw files.
It can be different genres, ranging from portrait to landscape.
Personally, I prefer portraits because I love retouching human skin and of course makeup and hair.
If you look at glossy magazines, you will notice that they use many different photo images to advertise cosmetics or clothing or much more.

Raw files for retouch

Since I have been interested in the field of photography for many years, I understand how the process of photo sessions works for different purposes and, of course, I myself know how to use different photographic equipment, for example, a NIKON D850 camera and pulsed light.
All files presented on this page, you can buy with the transfer or partial use of copyright. These photos were taken by me ©ColorifyRetouch.

Files for training retouching


Retouching result before/after

For cooperation and purchase of files, write to me by mail colorifyretouch@gmail.com

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