Vintage Portrait

Retouching for an old portrait

      Retouching for an old portrait is an amazing way to make old photos brand new again. Our team of experts knows exactly what steps are needed for each image, and we guarantee that everything will be done professionally and to the highest standards, while remaining cheerful and carefree.
It’s time to start showing your family members how much you care about them. Let us do it together so you don’t have to worry at all!

   That’s why our experienced photo retouchers are available 24/7, ready to help you solve all your problems. For example, you can add some light reflections on the eyes or remove wrinkles and other imperfections… Nowadays, anyone can take pictures without spending thousands of dollars on expensive cameras. But in order to take good pictures even with a smartphone, you need the right lighting, sharpness and focus. It can be difficult to get everything right on your own. And then there’s the background issue — if you use it, be sure to avoid the usual boring white walls. We will give your images a polished shade, making them look like they were made by professionals. This process can involve anything from simply increasing contrast and brightness to applying creative effects such as special filters.

  We provide only high-quality photo editing and image enhancement services. We don’t create fake images like thousands of other companies do. For example, our retouched pictures will look as if they were taken exactly as they look on camera.

Retouching of vintage portraits is a new service in our company.

We offer several retouching options.

Advantages of our service package:


Our service and prices

Minimum package

$ 25
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Color correction
  • ART retouch (warm kodak filter + grain)

Optimal package

$ 30
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Color correction
  • Background Removal
  • Complete VINTAGE style algorithm
  • Gif video

Black and white package

$ 39 pic
  • Old Photo Effect / Scratch Filter + Grain
  • Convert them to black and white
  • Background Removal

Please do not forget to describe in detail and attach a detailed retouching of your project in the terms of reference.

We use WetransferHightailGoogle Drive and Dropbox for storage and transmission, as well as via e-mail.  

Ordering services for vintage retouching: