Colorizing Black and White Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide. Professional photo retouching in Photoshop by Zhanna Ognivo

Converting a black and white photo to a color one

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Coloring of black and white photos

  • 1: Black and white is easier than you think
Color helps us to see much more details than in black and white. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of images if everything was presented in black and white. Color images make our eyes feel like they are floating in the air.
  • 2: Colors bring out the past
Black and white photography was invented quite recently. Before it became popular, people had to use their imagination to draw a picture. Only after using the camera could people show their true feelings.
  • 3: Make your memories eternal

In modern society, color is often associated with fashion. But the truth is that most people prefer colorful pictures because they can be enjoyed and appreciated for longer periods of time.
It’s impossible to explain why color images are so interesting, but they just are. You can say that all people want to enjoy things that are beautiful or interesting. And the world is full of beautiful things. Once you put them in black and white, they lose half of their charm.

black and white male portrait
example of bad retouching of a male portrait

We use high-performance processors for retouching. Some images require multiple layers of customization. This often takes hours or even days. But we make sure that every pixel is perfect. It takes time, but you will see the difference when you view the photos.

Our work is 100% done under your control. This means that your edited images are in safe hands.With a few mouse clicks, we turn black and white into colorful pictures.Specialists in black and white retouching.

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