Photo Retouching: Understanding the Art of Enhancing Images. Professional photo retouching in Photoshop by Zhanna Ognivo

What Is Photo Retouching?

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The term “retouching” first became popular in the 1920s, when a number of photographers began using retouching techniques as a way to manipulate or enhance their photographs. Since then, the photo industry has changed dramatically, but the basic principles have remained intact. 

 As Photoshop has become widely used by digital artists, retouching has been adopted by many new art forms and mediums, including painting, sculpture, animation, video, illustration, comics, typography, and web design.

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Retouching photos for portraits

The retoucher is not responsible for repairing the damage caused by the photographer during photographing. It can also reduce the noise and apply some effects to the picture. It depends on the needs of the person who ordered the photo, whether it will be necessary to change his appearance, add accessories to it, etc. As a rule, the retoucher creates a new image from the old one. Each change is carefully calculated so that the result does not feel artificial. As a rule, the retoucher uses the following tools:

   Corrections — reducing contrast, brightness, exposure, sharpness, removing red eyes, correcting camera system artifacts, blurring, adding vignettes, applying special effects, removing dust and dirt from the print.

Adjustments — saturation increase, tone curves, levels, white balance, curves, hue/saturation, lighting, shadows, sharp edges, background defocusing, black point correction, noise.
 Effects — Using filters such as gradient maps, embossing, spot healing, Gaussian blur, soft focus, vignette.
   Other tools are cropping, resizing, and leveling parts.

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